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Welcome to our new, temporary normal, a time when schools have closed and children are home for looooong periods of time.  Even home-visiting is coming to a halt.  This is challenging for the most well-supported parents, but what about parents under stress?  

We have to keep our eye on the adjustment and well-being of children AND the adjustment and well-being of parents.  As the saying goes, "For children to be well, parents have to be well."  

And for parents to be well, it helps to have a daily schedule.  Child care programs do it and children learn what to expect. You can do the same at home.  Here is a sample.  

Wake up, wash up

Morning story
Art or play activity
Outdoor excursion
Rest time - story, music

Art or play activity
Outdoor walk
Puzzles, games, music

Wash and pajamas
Quiet play

Bedtime story and bed  
Please click on the link above.  This is a story from the StoryBed series.  It is meant to be read to young children once they are ready for bed.  

To be most effective, follow these four guidelines. They will help your child understand that sleep time is coming.  They are signals for their bodies to settle down.  
  1. Turn lights down 
  2. Turn screens off
  3. Turn sounds down or off
  4. Settle your child into a comfortable space

On-line Parent Support Group
There will be an on-line Parent Support Group every weekday evening during the shut-down.  Please check back for start dates and topics.  

Explaining the coronavirus to children
Here is a great example from National Public Radio:  

For free, walk-in counseling in the Minneapolis area that is open during the shutdown, please click here. 



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