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Children (Ages 0 to 6 and their parents)                                      
Children come to therapy  for a variety of reasons. They may need help adjusting to overwhelming change, such as adoption, separation, divorce, moving, birth of a sibling, or death of a loved one.  They may have undergone traumatic experiences, such as abuse or witnessing violence, neglect, foster or institutional care, or medical trauma. 

As overwhelming change and trauma is from the point of view of the child, sometimes it's hard to realize the extent of distress that the child is feeling. Children, even babies and toddlers, may show their distress through changes in calming, eating, sleeping, or toileting. They may be wound up and aggressive, or withdrawn and constricted.  Other children may have difficulty getting along with others and following rules.  They may be irritable or explosive, teary, apathetic, or sad.  

Child Parent Psychotherapy (CPP)  
I believe that children do best when they are understood by their caretakers, especially after upsetting things have happened.  I use a perspective called Child Parent Psychotherapy, which is an integration of talk, art, and play therapy.  Children and parents both come to sessions most of the time so that they can make sense out of things together.  Parent-only sessions are scheduled in order to review the therapy process and discuss complexities of parenting.
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